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How to make the chuca?

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Do you know how to make the chuca ? Or has that question crossed your mind? Regardless of the answer, you will now find out how. And better: all about.

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The chuca is an excellent way to sanitize the anus so that anal sex is done without any major problems.

Thus, there are no constraints and no one is taken by surprise. However, unlike many people think, which is simple, some precautions need to be taken into account. This is because, unlike that, the anus can end up suffering injuries.

It is important to remember that it is very common in heterosexual couples, but in homosexuals as well.

Some people call the process other names. Among them, duchinha, mangueirinha and enema. But, chuca is still the most traditional. In the case of chuca, what is done, in fact, is the washing of the rectum, that is, total hygiene so that anal sex does not go through any surprises. Mainly because these can end all the lust. But, of course, that no one is obliged to do chuca. It's just an option.

Many people, especially heterosexual couples, don't give a fuck because they don't think they will get there. You have in mind that it will be just traditional sex , without anal. It is hardly a combined thing: we will do today, unless they are homosexuals.

But, the tip is always to relax, having anal sex or not, putting the chuca into practice or not.

However: how to make the chuca?

For those who are afraid of ending up with feces in the middle of anal sex, rest assured that the cock will help with that too. The most traditional way of making chuca is to use a showerhead for this. The idea is to clean the intestine so that no surprises can happen.

The chuca can also be made with a specific product, called Fleet Enema. It is a stimulator of the intestinal flora and causes all the content to be eliminated.

how to make chuca

Source: Hospital Catalog / Reproduction

One of the tips is that, before the washing starts, a water-based lubricant is used when your finger is placed on the rectum. After that, the shower is turned on and you will sit on your back, placing your finger at the entrance of the anus. Just make sure the water is not too hot. It should stay there for a few minutes and all the waste that is there will come out.

In the sense of how to make the chuca, it can also be made with glycerin suppository, which is placed in the anus to facilitate the exit of feces and thus, the region is not hurt or with an enema kit, which is found in pharmacies. In this case, it is like a rubber pump, which is introduced for cleaning to take place.

There are still those who prefer to clean with a wet wipe and there are no problems with that. Hygiene happening, that's enough.

After the chuca is done, a normal bath is taken and ready, anal sex can already happen.

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