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Transsexuals Transvestites and Transgender: what is the difference?

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Do you know about the difference between transsexual , transvestites and transgender ? Know that, many people do not know about the subject. Sometimes they even confuse the terms. And yes, you can't even say that this is anyone's fault. What happens is that today the diversity is great. But, one of the things people still don't understand is that, respect is good and everyone likes it. Therefore, regardless of the definitions, transsexuals, transvestites and transgenders are people with feelings and who struggle to be respected.

Source: Breitbart - Reproduction

The transvestite is even the group that people most talk about. He does not have an identification with his biological sex. For this reason, he dresses according to the opposite sex. There are transvestites who are women and dress up as men, and men who dress up as women, which are even more common.

Their difference to the transsexual is that they did not have any surgery and the transsexual did. But, there are those who have not done so and prefer to be called a transsexual without surgery. It depends a lot on how they want to be called.

Some don't even want to talk about it, just ask to be called by name. At that moment, the identification is already made. It is known that transvestites end up suffering a lot of prejudice. Even in the sense of finding a job. For this reason, many of them end up prostituting themselves.

Other differences between transsexual transvestites and transgender

transsexual transvestites and transgender

Source: Zee News - Reproduction

The transgender has no identification with the gender that was born. In fact, it is interesting to mention that the three terms are very much related to the person's personality, how he identifies himself. In the case of transgender people, in surgical procedures, they try to be what they want and are not. But, it is not just surgery that they resort to. Many still do hormonal therapy, since they want the body to adapt to what they want.

And, the transsexual , as already mentioned, is when the desire to live being of another sex is so great, that surgical procedures are done for this.

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