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Fisting: what is it? Fisting: what is it? Do you know? Or is it a new word for you? If so, know that it is super normal. But, it doesn't hurt to know more about it. Especially because fetishes make all the difference in the relationship and fisting is one of them. In fact, you may have already seen and know what ...
How to make the chuca? Do you know how to make the chuca? Or has that question crossed your mind? Regardless of the answer, you will now find out how. And better: all about. The chuca is an excellent way to sanitize the anus so that anal sex is done without any major problems. Not like this...
Deep throat: oral sex tips What do you know about deep throat: oral sex tips? Know that, you can discover many things now. And, before we talk more deeply about the subject, it is important to remember that oral sex is fundamental to the relationship. Many people think it is superfluous, but it is not. AND,...
Tips for Sex in the Water Have you ever tried to have sex in the water? Or at least have you thought about it? Because we will now have: tips for sex in the water. That's because, many people have this dream. Others can't even think about the idea. So, bringing up the subject, many will lose their fear and, who knows, ...
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