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Having sex menstruating gets pregnant? Having sex menstruating gets pregnant? Has it ever crossed your mind? You will find out now whether the issue is myth or truth. That's because having sex while menstruating makes many women afraid of pregnancy. Others do not like the idea because they do not feel comfortable. ...
Cock ring: how to use? Have you ever wondered about cock ring: how to use it? If the answer is yes, here you will find everything you need to know about the subject. But, know that, if not, you will certainly be curious or curious to test the practice. She is excellent at spicing ...
Pompoirism Do you know what pompoirism is? Yes, that name does sound weird. When you read it, you may think, "Wow, but what does that mean?" However, its meaning is quite interesting. It can even benefit several people as to its benefits. For now...
Double penetration: do you like the idea? Have you ever done or received double penetration? Did it hurt? Now you will discover how to do it in a pleasant way, without pain. To give you an idea, this is one of the most common fetishes. People think a lot about. He doesn't always have the courage to speak, but he certainly does. A...
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