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Tantric massage, what is it?

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Tantric massage, what is it? Do you know? If you still don't know her, know that she has several benefits when it comes to sexual life, so it's worth knowing her. It is actually a different way of giving you pleasure. Even giving you some orgasms never imagined in life.

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That's because, many people end up suffering on some sexual issues.

Some examples are premature ejaculation and also, the lack of sexual desire. And these are just a few points that, when treated through tantric massage, can have great results.

It is basically a massage technique. Its focus is on the redistribution of sexual energy. So it is an excellent form of pleasure in sex. Anyone who has had contact with the practice says that it is one of the best ways to reach the famous and desired multiple orgasms. But, there are still those who do not understand much about it, so it is time for some things to be clarified.

And, yes, it can be considered a therapy in relation to some traumas. Therefore, several people start to put the issue into practice, without even wanting to have an idea of ​​its sexual benefits. After a while, they discover how much tantric massage helps in everything.

What you need to understand is that, although, when you think of tantric massage, what pleasure and sex are certainly relevant points, they are not everything. Yes, you will certainly enjoy it much more intensely after getting to know the massage, but that is only one point. It is very broad, complex as to its benefits.

Tantric massage, what is it and how does it work?

Tantric massage


Her main idea is that, you improve your vital energy and thus, things flow better.

Whoever thinks about getting to know her, but doesn't want anything related to the erotic, at least at first, can be calm about it.

The key objective of the technique is not to relax muscles and tendons, as is the case with other massages. It aims to achieve relaxation for the body as a whole, including the genitals. Like? Through the fingers. They are, in fact, therapeutic applications that stimulate all of these issues.

Yes, it also aims to cause pleasures to be provoked in people. And so, different sensations come to be felt. The body also becomes more sensitive. Therefore, whoever ends up having some sexual block due to some trauma, can also resolve the issue with tantric massage.

For the practical part of the massage, it is necessary to choose a massage oil. If it stimulates sensuality, the better. Sex shops are full of possibilities like this. Creating an appropriate climate for the moment is also essential. Involving music and light in this process can be very successful.

Then, have your partner lie on their stomach and massage it. That's right, on the whole body, from the nape of the neck, to your feet. Control your breathing. Work your erogenous zones well, thus stimulating very sensitive parts. Never be in a hurry. And remember that you are in control. Thus, your hair and nails can be used to your advantage in the sense of tantric massage , what it is and how it works.

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