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Is sex with a prostitute a betrayal?

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This is a controversial question, but can sex with a prostitute be considered betrayal ?

Many men believe that not, since the fuck with sex workers does not involve feelings, only carnal pleasure, even so, there are those who think that even a sexual thought with another person is a way to betray their partner.

Monogamy as a rule

In our society, monogamy is considered the right form of relationship, however, nowadays many people have started to adhere to new forms of love involvement. This is the case of those who defend polygamy, a group that is growing more and more.

With all the sexual liberation increasingly present in our society, people are feeling free to experience everything they want, however, for some, the old dream of spending life with a single person still exists, but when when it comes to the subject of this article, we can say that a large portion of men have already resorted to the services of a prostitute at some point in their lives, whether they were single or engaged.

The oldest profession in the world: prostitution , is a target of prejudice, however, on google it is one of the most searched words here in our country. In addition, many women leave here and go to work in Europe and it is estimated that more than 75 thousand Brazilians are involved in prostitution in the old continent.

The reasons for not considering betrayal

If you still have doubts that having sex with a prostitute is cheating or not, the answer is yes, however, some men have a strong belief that things don't work out that way when it involves sex with a call girl and the reasons are many :

It's just sex

For many guys, just enjoying a paid sexual experience cannot be considered cheating, after all, it is easier for them to distinguish between sex and love. That was the answer that some volunteers gave during a survey conducted in Spain.

Improves the relationship

This is a statement that has its share of truth, however, it is necessary that the partner accepts. Even so, many men believe that the realization of their forbidden sexual fantasies with another woman, helps in the relationship with the partner, after all, for them it is better to have sex with a person who is being paid for it than to get involved with someone else who does. can bring various disorders.

The need for sex

Many men believe that they need more sex than women. That way, they see no problem in having a quick adventure with a sex worker.

The weight of betrayal is less

Betrayal: sex with a prostitute

For many men and women, emotional betrayal has a much greater weight than physical. There is still this thought that every man feels the need to have sex with other women. This type of situation becomes more justifiable for many wives and girlfriends. A survey conducted by the British newspaper Daily Mail, showed that for women it is better to be betrayed sexually than emotionally.

Whether to have sex with a prostitute is betrayal or not, it goes to everyone's head. This question can divide opinions, however, to know the answer it is important to put yourself in the other person's shoes and see how we would feel. In this way, it is the conscience of each one that will determine what is right and wrong.


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