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Luxury escorts and anal sex

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Anal sex is still considered taboo by our society today, with so many achievements and a true sexual revolution that has formed over the years.

Many women practice anal, however, not everyone likes it. some reveal that they have anal sex just to please their partner, however, many are reluctant to try for various factors, such as prejudice against the modality and pain.

anal sex

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Men, for their part, love anal sex . Watch anal porn . Sexologists explain that for them it is a way to dominate women and this behavior comes from the time of the caves. For them, anal is like a trophy, although it is considered something macho. Whatever the reason, anal sex is a national preference, as well as a beautiful butt.

Luxury escorts and anal sex

anal sex

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If at home many men go through the situation of wanting anal sex with their partner without being able to, on the escort sites it is full of hot women who love this practice. They already have enough experience in the subject, so many guys prefer to seek the company of a sex worker who can fulfill their desires.

However, some companions dispense with anal sex and generate doubts in some possible clients, who are curious to know if these women really like this sexual modality. If in the past, escorts advertised their services in newspapers and magazines, leaving few details, nowadays it is very easy to find a girl who has the desired characteristics and also to know if she enjoys anal sex.

Advantages of having anal sex with an escort

anal sex

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Being able to choose the girl of your dreams to put this sexual desire into practice is something very advantageous. If you like blonde, brunette or redhead, it will be easy to find the perfect escort the way you always wanted. Let's agree that having sex with a hot woman on the magazine cover is the wish of any guy.

They are experienced

A luxury escort will have a lot of luggage and will know very well how to satisfy the sexual desires of clients and anal sex is no different, this experience with a sex worker will be much more satisfying.

They are always prepared

Nothing is more uncomfortable than having anal sex with a hot girl and she writing that check. The situation can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for both, however, the companions are always ready for this type of situation, taking all care with hygiene.

Know various positions

If you enjoy experimenting with new sexual positions that you would not be able to do at home, with companions this is possible, as they know various sexual positions and will easily know which ones you like best.

They know how to maintain discretion

Having anal sex with companions has this advantage. The girls are discreet and will not judge you by the size of the cock or the performance in bed, after all, they are there to meet the wishes of customers. They usually have their own places, where the client can be comfortable and worry free.

They are good in bed

Because they have a lot of experience having sex with several guys over the course of their lives, these women know enough about slutty stuff. They are able to drive any guy crazy, leaving customers quite satisfied when it comes to sex.

After all these reasons, it is easy to conclude that anal sex with a luxury escort is an excellent option. If you are one of those who do not dispense with this practice in your relationships, it is very worthwhile. Beautiful, discreet and experienced in bed, these women will leave you with a great desire to experiment.


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