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How to work as an escort?

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Have you ever wondered how to work as an escort? Or did it ever cross your mind, even if quickly? Well know that, this is a super normal curiosity, mainly feminine. Yes, mainly because many men also ask questions like that. However, not so often.

Source: The Sun / Reproduction

So, for everyone who is curious about the subject, it is time to clarify some things.

One involves not being a profession for any woman. That's right. To be a companion you need to have a lot of personality and not care in any way for what people think or will say. Unlike this, things will not work out. Many people are against the profession, including family members, people you always thought would support you.

So it's a profession for those women who know what they want and don't care what people say. For those who are not sure and who see the idea as a joke, a wish that they would like to fulfill, it is good to think carefully before taking any action, so that later, they will not regret it.

In the sense of how to work as a companion it is necessary to understand that the woman will need to love sex or everything will become more difficult.

Another point that needs to be highlighted is that you will not be able to choose with whom you relate. Several companions start their careers and then give up for that reason. Because the people they need to have sex with are very different from what they imagined.

Learning how to work as a companion

how to work as an escort

Source: The Sun / Reproduction

For someone who is quite sentimental, there is also one more point: men usually have sex just because they were looking for someone. There is no attachment in the sense that you are going to be the love of his life. Yes, there are some cases where this happens. But, it is not possible to generalize.

And the escort too, ends up having sex for money and must keep thinking like that. It is easier for all parties.

In the midst of this, complementing a little what has already been said about the family, the companion chooses whether to tell someone and, if so, to whom. What happens is that many of them move to another city precisely to avoid having to live with the prejudice of people they know.

Women also need to take better care of themselves, buy more lingerie, moisturize their hair, skin, in short, be attractive. And, it does take a lot of work.

As for working hours in terms of how to work as a companion, they vary widely. Yes, the companion ends up having a more flexible life, but, this is quite relative, since, some work much more than they would work in another job. The difference is that the more they work, the more they earn.

Some people also have curiosities in the sense that, for example, the companion may or may not have a relationship with the person they like. In that case, it depends mainly on the person accepting it. That she dates you, but goes out with other people, because it's her job.

Recalling that, we are not talking about call girls but escorts. This means that they are not always hired to have sex. Sometimes, men hire them to talk, have fun, because they find her extremely attractive.

And make a woman come: do you know how ?


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