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Sexual games: innovate in bed!

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Sexual games can be excellent options when it comes to innovating when it comes to sex, definitely getting out of the routine. And, there are so many options in this regard, that it is often even difficult to choose which one to put into practice.

sex games

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For this reason, some of them have been separated so that you can find out who you identify with and how much you want to put them into practice.

Recalling that, nobody is obliged to put these questions into practice, if they do not like the idea. It's really just one more way to spice up the relationship and make it better than ever when it comes to sex.

The first of the sexual games brought is the game of erotic hide and seek . Have you heard of him? For it to be possible, it is necessary to have handcuffs, also a blindfold and a vibrator .

erotic hide and seek

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If you want to increase it even more, flavored lubricants are excellent options. Remembering some details: regardless of the game, you can adapt with the things you have, in case you don't want to spend. Perhaps the result is not exactly the same, but the important thing is to innovate.

The game consists of you hiding the items in "secret" places. Some tips are given, but they should only include: it is hot or cold and the other person needs to find out where they are. When the person finds the object they were looking for, they can choose how to use it. And then it's the other person's turn to try to find what's hidden.

More sex game options

Another among the most fun and horny sex games you can love is the mirror game . It is ideal for when the relationship is going well, but it is not always clear what you want, what your real intentions are in bed. The two must be naked and thus, one must sit facing the other, on the bed.

mirror game

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The other's body is used for the person to show how and where they want to be touched. It is not only the hand that can be used, but also the mouth or whatever you want. It is important that in the case of this game, penetration is the last thing to be done, since what really matters involves provoking.

As a third game, the blind goat game. Of course, he is different from what children are used to, since he is totally turned to the sexual and sensual side. In it, you need a T-shirt, tie or scarf, as you prefer, to serve to blindfold. Then, one will cover the other's eye, making sure that the other does not see anything. Then, who is not blindfold hides and gives instructions with the voice. Remembering that this person can ask for what he wants. If she can find the other, she deserves an award.

sex games

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Sex games: toy mystery and game of flavors

Toy mystery : this is a very different option. The same items from the past joke will be needed on this one, as a means of selling one of the people. In addition, some specific toys, such as handcuffs and vibrators, can be excellent. Your partner must be naked in bed, in addition to being blindfolded, and then several objects can be used to provoke her. An example: use a massage candle to rub your back. Whips can be very welcome in this practice as well. She must guess what the object is before you move on to the next one and so on.

toy mystery

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In the case of the game of flavors , the way of selling is the same. What changes is the rest. The ideal is to separate different fruits or even different sweets, with very different flavors. Even a hint: mint candies can be very interesting. One of the two puts the blindfold on and the other person chooses one of the fruits or sweets and puts it on the other's body. It can even be in the mouth, just take care not to get too easy. Another idea is that you eat a little and kiss it with that flavor in your mouth .

sex games

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More ideas for your sex games

With the erotic confessions option, things happen a little differently. For it to be possible, a few more details are needed. Among them, paper and pen. It allows the couple to get to know each other better. You should write something on paper that excites you and then hand it over to your partner. It is also worth including your fetishes.

sex games

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And the other person will do the same. After writing, you will switch roles and the other will read aloud what is written on yours. Don't lie and hide things. The intention of the joke is that things are even better in bed. Then, just put the other's wishes into practice. He's excellent at being a foreplay.

Speaking of preliminaries, the game of patience is also great in that sense. After all, in addition to stimulating several things, it also increases the time that the two or even more people, depending on the situation, provoke each other in the sexual sense. But, for everything to go as planned, imagination needs to be used practically all the time. You will need either your cell phone or a watch. It will be necessary to set the alarm for five minutes or a little longer. Then, during the period, the couple will do several things related to sex, except penetration. When the alarm goes off, the practice will be changed and again, the time counted.

erotic solitaire game

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Last option: reading corner

That's right what you read, reading is one of the separate sexual games. How it works? You can either buy a book of erotic stories or find sites that have them. And, separate passages previously will be read and performed by you in bed. This is an excellent idea for anyone who is crazy about fetishes .

erotic tales

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Remembering that, some scenes will have to be adapted, since some environments or objects may not be available.

You can still get to know the best browsers to watch porn online and choose the one you prefer.


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